Goose Control

Goose Identification

Geese are giant water birds that thrive near bodies of water and large yards. Geese have a black head and neck with white cheeks and chinstrap. Their breast is tan and they have a brown back. You can mostly find geese around:

  • Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Ponds
  • Barns
  • Yards
  • Parks

Goose Damages

Those who have had goose damages know the headache behind it. Geese will ruin crops, landscaping, and other vegetation while grazing, and contaminate areas around water with their droppings. Geese fecal matter creates a giant health risk due to the diseases it helps spread and how harmful it can be to animal populations.

Beware of geese that could be comfortable around humans as they may become territorial. If a goose is territorial and feels threatened, it may attack adults, children, and pets.

Critter Control of Toledo Goose Control

Critter Control of Toledo is aware of the right, and wrong, ways to conduct goose control. Your technician will be trained in the specifications regarding your wildlife control problem.

Your technician from Critter Control of Toledo will get rid of your goose problem from start to finish. Removal, damage repairs, and prevention will be handled. Our full service goose control work will get the geese out, repair the damages done to your property, and keep them out!

We can get rid of goose problems. 419.534.0909

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