Woodchucks under your deck or shed? You’ve come to the right place to solve your woodchuck problems. Critter Control uses more than one approach to humanely remove and exclude woodchucks from your home and property. Call your Critter Control today for effective woodchuck control and removal services.



Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks or whistle-pigs, are one of the largest members of the squirrel family. They are short, squat animals that are slow, awkward runners. Groundhogs have claws that make them great diggers! These critters range from 16 to 25 inches in length, weigh anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds, and are recognizable for their brown coats. Their eyes being placed near the top of the head will allow groundhogs to check out for danger when peeking out of their burrows and survey the area for danger. When scared, groundhogs will whistle as they run back to their dens.


Groundhogs will create dens that are very deep, large, and may contain countless feet of tunnels. Subterranean chambers will serve specific purposes, such as waste collection and nursing. Groundhogs can be found in open grasslands, meadows, farm fields, the edges of forest clearings, and more, as they prefer dry and gravelly earth.


Groundhogs are great herbivores. They will eat any variety of green plants and flowers. This causes a great problem for farmers, gardeners, and for residents and their lawns. Groundhogs have been known to climb trees for fruit, apples, nuts, and pears. Not a very picky eater, groundhogs will eat perennial daises and annual flowers.

Groundhog Control


When groundhogs are active during the spring, summer, and early fall, they tend to stay close to their burrows. With no reason to enter homes, groundhogs rarely cause any problems for a home or commercial building. However, their diet preferences will cause great problems for yards and crop fields. They are responsible for significant losses of crops, such as soybeans, peas, carrots, lettuce, alfalfa, apples, and flowers. Farm equipment and livestock can be damaged or injured by the burrow holes these animals live in.

Control and Safety

Wire mesh fences can be used to effectively keep groundhogs away from gardens and lawns. Fences need to be buried at least a foot underground and have outward-facing overhangs at the top to prevent the animals from burrowing underneath or climbing over.

Trapping and Removal

Critter Control of Toledo is trained to safely and efficiently deal with nuisance groundhogs and handle trapping, removal, and control. Since groundhogs have multiple entrances and exits, trained professionals should only set traps. Although woodchucks do not actively attack humans, they may scratch or bite when cornered or threatened. Critter Control of Toledo can control your groundhog problem while acting within the confines of the law.

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